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Hannah Lasure is a director, DP, and editorial photographer based in BROOKLYN, NY. The inception of hannah's photography career was in 2019, after a close friend gifted her a 35mm film camera in Marfa, TX. Months later she exhibited her first film project, Colors, which encompassed her interest in the use of BOLD AND VIBRANT color to convey and influence feelings.


LASURE'S WORK is often described as imaginative and ETHEREAL, much of which SHE attributes to being self-taught. The lack of imposed rules allows her to push boundaries and make creative choices that would typically be considered unorthodox. her work has now been featured in multiple magazines and publications, from the likes of austin chronicle to vogue italia and more.

With an ever-growing interest in visual arts, Hannah transitioned into the world of cinema as a Dp and director- and has since worked on multiple award-winning documentaries, movies, TV shows, and more. 


This is just the beginning. 

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